Hello! I'm Nighthouse,
A computer science student specializing in security. When I'm not learning how to secure systems.
I'm managing or building online communities.

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About Me

I have a CS background with an intent of working in SOC or TI.

The skillset I'm currently honing:

  • Backend & Minor Frontend
  • Entra, Azure & GCP
  • Governance & Compliance
  • System Administration
  • UI & Technical Writing
  • SOC & DFIR

Beyond this, I have an interest in business, design, user experience, and the management of online communities.

Besides that, I enjoy watching motorsport. Occasionally, I like to play video games. I have a great passion for discussing topics related to technology, architecture, music & films. The last one would be a big one since I absolutely love watching films. You'd probably find my Letterboxd somewhere on my one of my sites.


Cool but locked streaming site

flix.n1ght.dev ›

Stills from my favorite media

stills.n1ght.dev ›

Blog & Guides

Articles, writeups and other blog content

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Setting up services, platforms, communities

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Currently working & studying.

Also managing several communities.